The Nightmare Before the Dream

Dirty Work

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“You were set on your task – you’d find Kevon and steal away his badge. Of course, you should have anticipated the worst. Where a powerful practitioner of magic is involved, the unexpected is to be expected…”


  • The party returned to the Assembly and reported Durog’s freedom
  • Collectively, the Assembly agreed that the first of their targets they should attempt to deal with would be Kevon Linwood.
  • The party, assisted by Daryn Bettel, entered the grounds of the College of Wizardry where Kevon Linwood had reportedly been held up for years.
  • The group discovered that the College’s students had been compromised. The students attacked the adventurers on sight, sporting black eyes and addressing Ryn as “Lemenius El’soriin.” Speculation has lead the party to believe the fey Caladrel to be behind the College’s corruption.
  • The party encountered Kevon Linwood in the topmost chamber of the faculty tower. Upon their entrance, Linwood scolded the group for their breaking of the seals and wards in the room. The wizard promptly transformed into a bat-like creature made of swirling shadow-stuff. Implanted in the chest of both Linwood and the bat-creature was a badge of the Inner Circle.
  • The group destroyed the shadow bat-like beast and recovered Linwood’s badge. Linwood lived still, despite the terrible injuries the party inflicted upon him. However, it was distance and time away from the badges that Constance had told the group would kill her and her friends.

Fame Rewards (Adventures 16):



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