The Nightmare Before the Dream

Shadows of Inspiration

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“Linwood had been lost – body and soul riven by the corrupting powers of the badge. I watched dear Kevon for years though, and although quite arrogant, he was supremely intelligent. I have to imagine that there was more than a simple lust for power at play there. Perhaps an awareness of the danger he posed lead him to sealing that chamber? We’re not here to speculate on poor Linwood’s ideals or motivations though. You all had bigger bats to fry still.

The matter of the obvious corruption in the College of Wizardry had to be addressed at some point. Even more pressing than the fates’ of the poor students was the implication that Caladrel could be close, and with him the Fugue Stone. None of this changed the fact that Courtland was still in possession of his badge, and that Linwood’s expiration would make him all the more difficult to take unawares.

All of that and Durog’s army of orcs, Roderick’s existence, and the pressing timeline of “the Breach” made your collective to-do list quite full, and quite deadly!"


  • The group laid low for about a month and a half, waiting for Edward Courtland to return to his normal routines
  • During this downtime the group left for the Athenaeum, stowing the badges of Inner Circle office there
  • The group also returned to North’s End and arranged for Yolo’s gnoll army to patrol the city’s battered perimeter
  • When the group returned to Endenmere, they discovered that Courtland had relaxed slightly
  • The group arranged for the Assembly to target three caravans Courtland could have possibly ridden in on his way to various business activities
  • The group struck a caravan that Courtland did not occupy, but regrouped to aid the summoner Vrutha, who battled Courtland’s escort
  • When Courtland’s guards were dispatched, the seneschal raised them from the dead, turning them into shadowy creatures that resembled the odion
  • Courtland fled from the fight despite the group’s best efforts to retreat

Fame Rewards (Adventure 17):



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