The Nightmare Before the Dream

Standing at the Edge of the Breach

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“Then, you went to Endenmere, the eye of the storm, the center of the struggle that few outside of your little group were even aware of. I remember this period of time quite well. Your commitment to the rumor that Durog yet lived and your assumption that he could be swayed to your side was telling. Either you had tremendous faith, or you were extremely gullible! HA! I’m again getting ahead of myself. You just have to humor an old soul like me.

The journey to the city was almost as spectacular as what took place within. Enemies and allies, both old and new, hounded your every step. Waters that you assumed to be clearing were instead bubbling with mud. There were some resolutions on that road though. Do you remember? Who knew rats could swim so well?


  • The group secured travel to Endenmere by way of a river boat captained by a man called Temo.
  • The heroes awoke one morning to find Temo and his men dead and holes drilled through the boat’s hull.
  • On a subsequent night, the group was attacked by a band of deadly roden assassins. The assassins were lead by none other than Khaknaard and Durck. After a bloody skirmish, the group was able to capture Durk.
  • Durck related a tale about Ahzitima stealing an important artifact from her clan (Clan Zahtanni) – a crown jewel from the clan’s First Warlock (now deceased).
  • The roden that controls the crown jewel could claim control of the scattered and defaced Zahtanni clan.
  • Durck also revealed that the crown jewels were parceled out many years ago to the most powerful First Warlocks of the clans. The original owner of the jewels was an infamous butcher of dwarves known as Rizzit Kantz.
  • Durck elaborated by telling the group that the jewels are said to “contain the luck of an entire dwarven clan within them.”
  • Durck was released and the group continued towards Endenmere.
  • Outside of Endenmere, the group encountered Master Anbrung of the Sure Flights. Anbrung related to the heroes that their presences had been requested by an “old friend” of Grailoc’s. The friend provided an intricate elven-crafted stone to the group.
  • The stone produced an image of a hooded and masked figure requesting the group join it at an Order Cerberus holding outside of Endenmere. The heroes were also told to hide any badges of the Inner Circle that they possessed on their persons or risk the wrath of Endenmere.



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