The Nightmare Before the Dream

Strange Fishing

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“There you were, with an army of gnolls at your command. Though uncivilized, unorganized and generally crude the gnolls have never lacked strength or ferocity. They always had the potential to be something more though…in the right hands. Whether those hands belonged to a certain roden or another remained to be seen.

The trip back to Galfaland was long and harsh. The heat seemed to be unrelenting. Even I took note. When Galfaland was in sight, sitting next to the beautiful blue and refreshing waters of Galfal Lake, respite seemed so near. But then the Rider stopped and refused to move an inch. Do you remember what it said?"

The Rider suddenly halted. With the cooling waters of the Lake so close, its obstinance was especially infuriating. The cavalier stood there, unmoving and silent for a time before turning its helmed head to face Callum. Then, it spoke. Its voice echoed from within its helm, tiny and strangely distant. The voice was instantly recognizable as that of Lord Tlokt. Emotionless and plain, but clear and confident, the voice stated, “Callum, I have found your elf, and it is surprisingly close…”


  • The adventurers were informed that Tlokt had located Caladrel, the infamous fey from their prior encounter with the Nightmare Eternal. Caladrel was found to be spending time beneath the waves of Galfal Lake.
  • The party returned to Galfaland, sending the gnolls north and west of the city for their parlay with the First Captain. The First Captain imparted great wealth upon the party for a job well done.
  • With their reward secure, the group made its way to the ruined city-prison of the fey, the infamous Nytve Belanore. The city-prison had been sunk when the fey’s empire collapsed.
  • The party spoke to Caladrel, with the fey attempting to reason with them to allow him to save humanity. He spoke of an event he named as “The Breach” in which the Odion will enter the Creator’s plane and consume all life on the continents of Sorand and Norand.
  • Caladrel named the Fugue Stone as a means to remove a large population from the Creator’s plane and the Odion threat – the only side effect being that the surviving few fey would be able to feed on the humans for a negotiated period of time.
  • The group also learned that Caladrel has already secreted the Fugue Stone to Endenmere, where it awaits The Breach.
  • After Caladrel took his leave, the party fought the former warden of Nytve Belanore. The group dispatched the beast and returned to the surface where their transport awaited them.



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