The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Coming Storm

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“The fey spoke true, a storm was brewing and it’s eye was centered upon Roderick. The picture being painted of the Breach, the invasion of the odion, and the sizzling fuse of the Fugue Stone was dismal indeed. To make matters worse, you were the few who knew of the impending doom. The rest of the world, including the raging orcs of the north, acted as if existence itself wasn’t poised on a narrow precipice.

As you licked your wounds and considered the situation, word reached Galfaland that the orcs had marched against the Seven Lakes. Their armies had struck quickly and without warning, consuming several of the most north and west villages. I remember the carnage and chaos. Grit was but a shadow of Durog, but he was still cunning and savage. You weren’t there though, and I am wasting time speaking of matters that would not involve you, at least not yet.

While Grit concentrated on the Seven Lakes, Owkbanok (remember him?) lead a smaller, but no less dangerous force from the east. North’s End was in trouble, and it was about time for you to make your return to the city…"


  • The group returned to North’s End to find the city all but deserted due to the presence of orcs in the northern woods.
  • Biguhn had set up a barricade against possible attack at the northern portion of the city, but the orcs had yet to do anything aside from burn the city’s farms and outlying cottages.
  • A monster of immense proportions hurled boulders upon North’s End day and night.
  • Ahzitima infiltrated the orc camp, gathering information and then starting a fire that caused chaos and confusion.
  • The group then engaged the giant that called itself Juhmunkhan, felling the beast along with a number of orcs and a creature identified as an ogre by the orcs.
  • The orcs’ leader and a powerful lieutenant of the Black Wound tribe, Owkbanok, descended upon the battlefield and engaged the group. Owkbanok was killed before the group forced a surrender of the remaining orcs.
  • The captured orcs revealed that the ultimate purpose of the Black Wound tribe’s leader, Grit, is to march on Endenmere and free Durog – the orcs’ warlord and king. If Durog were freed, the orcs could potentially be swayed to fight on whatever side Durog chose.



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