The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Final City

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“This city will be the last to be built on this mountain side, and shall forever be a human city!” – Roderick Gantry

“Axle lead you to the once glorious holding of the Order Cerberus outside of Endenmere – known long ago as the Bloodsteps Refuge. I remember when the place was built during Durog’s reign. Despite the brutal bluntness of orc architecture, it was an impressive and intimidating structure. When you arrived, however, the place had fallen into ruin.

Aside from the human members of the Order’s unwillingness to reside within an orc-built “grotto,” the Order’s numbers had decreased to the point which most would label “pathetic.” With so few numbers, a fortress the size of the Refuge was all but impossible to maintain. Most of Endenmere’s citizens had forgotten that the Refuge even existed, so buried and crumbled was the ruin at that time. Look at me, I’ve gone on another tangent. My apologies.

As I was saying, you approached the holding to find it full of familiar faces…"


  • The group met with the Assembly led by none other than Constance Blythe. Blythe introduced the members of her group, Elladan Nenharm, Carys Quartzseeker, Daryn Bettel, and Vrutha.
  • The group learned that the Assembly seeks to kill Kevon Linwood and Edward Courtland in an effort to end their connection to the plane where the odion reside. Their theory postulates that the longer the members of the Inner Circle live and bear the badges, the weaker the divide between the planes becomes.
  • The party also learned that when the Inner Circle members are killed (usually due to being separated from their badges), a temporary tear opens through their corpse and allows odion to spill into the plane of creation.
  • Constance stated that once the other members of the Inner Circle were dispatched, she herself would have to die. After that, their only hope at preventing a cataclysm would be to kill King Roderick.
  • After some debate, it was decided that freeing the orc king Durog could prove beneficial to the Assembly’s cause – either Durog would rampage through Endenmere and draw the attention of the Inner Circle, or he would return to his people in the north and persuade them to fight with the Assembly and its allies against Roderick’s tyranny.
  • Durog was freed from a very unique prison guarded by a massive intelligent construct called Captain Yemaly. Durog spoke with the party for only a short time before he left with the intent to return to his people.
  • Durog promised the group freedom to enter his camp.

Fame Rewards (Adventures 12-15):



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