The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Hurt Locker

 photo BANNER_The_Hurt_Locker_zpsofwvnfia.jpg

“That was certainly exciting wasn’t it? I realized then that it had been too long since I had interacted with people. Rather than simply watching, I could be helping! What an old fool I had been.

Anyhow, Caladrel was gone but the Fugue Stone was still out there, lurking somewhere within Endenmere and awaiting the eminent Breach. Though the fey no longer held sway over the powerful artifact, his magic still hid the thing from even me. I knew where to start looking though.

Now free to function as it willed, the Fugue Stone’s corrupting influence could be seen and felt within the human city mere minutes after the tether was cut. I sent you to the site where the Stone’s effects appeared first. It turned out to be a terrible place indeed, a gruesome reflection of the Stone’s architect – a mad genius known as Lemenius El’Soriin."




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