The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Power of Words

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“I remember the surprise on my own face when Yoloswaggins revealed himself! His nasty species was always quite adept at concealment. I suppose it helped that the roden Yolo Swaggins didn’t actually remember he was a dragon. Anyhow, it was shortly after the battle with that amnesiac beast that your little band encountered the monk Luscivius Zane. I suppose we should wake Lucivius at this point too, hm?

Zane? Zane, do you hear me? There you go. You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t have the time to dwell on your experiences before this crucial moment. As you’ll see, this was somewhat of a turning point for all of you. Stop fussing, Luscivius! You’ll adjust. Now pay attention. Focus!

Up until that moment, you had all been chasing your tails a bit. Every plot, every mystery and every person of importance spun webs atop webs, then webs within all of those webs. It was rather confusing, and even more disheartening. Roderick and Caladrel seemed to be sitting atop of the mountains of evil in the world, but Durog and his orcs were free in the north and even more disconcerting, there was a dragon flying the skies! Looming above all of that though was the ever-present danger of the cataclysm referred to as the Breach. Your hopes led you to believe that the catastrophe could be averted by the destruction of Roderick and his closest friends. Oh, how I wanted so badly to speak to you then – to give you direction! Which is why I did."


  • The group was magically teleported before an old man calling himself Eddigus Finnegan (or was the Fiddigus Ennegan?)
  • Finnegan explained that he had been watching the characters for some time and felt unusually compelled to assist them and, after a bit of explanation, transported them to the pocket dimension where Caladrel exerted control over the infamous Fugue Stone
  • Within the nightmarish realm, the group encountered all manner of horrors – flying beasts, rooms that revealed their deepest fears, the trapped spirits of emotions, and finally, Caladrel himself
  • Caladrel was dispatched in a duel with Ryn and the tendrils of the Fey’s control over the Fugue Stone were severed
  • As the pocket dimension began to crumble around them, the group caught sight of what appeared to be two beings within the heart of Caladrel’s power
  • In an effort to save them from dying with Caladrel’s realm, the group was teleported back to the quiet, calm glade occupied by Eddigus Finnegan

Fame Rewards (Adventure 19):



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