The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Starving Plains

 photo Western_Plains_zpsb9f4ae4e.jpg

“You had gone to Galfaland with the idea that you might be able to find some allies. With enemies all around, the pirates, thieves and rogues of the city could be useful. The weakness of their ties to the crown didn’t hurt either, eh? However, the allies you sought were not the ones you received – at least not initially. There were wrongs being committed on the plains. The gnolls were being starved out of their hunting grounds, forced to seek food to the east. Those responsible for the depravity could not go unpunished. You hunted for the Muskana Aunum, and through that action, killed two birds with one stone…”


  • Encountered a group of Caddo tribesmen lead by a chieftain’s son (Notaku) and were directed to a site sacred to the gnolls known as “Hoveln”
  • Battled a group of Black Feet tribesmen guarding Hoveln, recovering a strange piece of night-black bone
  • Entered the realm of the Bone Dog, battling its ravenous and emaciated minions before encountering the Muskana Aunum itself
  • Parlayed with the Bone Dog to relinquish command of the remaining gnolls to Yolo Swaggins in exchange for its eternal freedom
  • Exited Hoveln to discover a growing gathering of gnolls that seem to respect, fear and follow the members of the group, particularly Yolo Swaggins



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