Burroughs is one of the many small and rustic villages that dot the region of Seven Lakes. The community rests along the shores of the smallest body of water in the area, creatively named Lake Burroughs. Burroughs’s population consists mostly of fishermen and hunters, though a merchant or two has been known to rest out the long winter months in the town while traveling the Seven Lakes circuit. The village’s architecture is plain but functional – homes are built to withstand heavy snowfalls and bitter cold.

The people of Burroughs, like most within Seven Lakes, are hardy souls. Orc raids from the frozen forests and icy peaks to the north are fairly common. As such, Burroughs has a functional militia. That being said, the training and weapons of the Burroughs militia isn’t where it needs to be to repel more than the smallest most disorganized orc raiding parties.

Burroughs – Village

Alignment: LN
Modifiers: Corruption (Bluff & Stealth) {-1}, Crime (Sense Motive & Sleight of Hand) {-6}, Economy (Craft, Perform, & Profession) {-1}, Law (Intimidate & Diplomacy) {+3}, Lore (Diplomacy & Knowledge) {+0}, Society (Disguise & Diplomacy) {-1}
Qualities: Insular, Superstitious
Government: Autocracy
Population: 200 ( human)
Notable NPCs: Mayor Foster Benninghem, Rida Redwell (healer)
Base Value & Purchase Limit: BV 500 gp, PL 2500 gp
Spellcasting (for hire): Level 1
Interesting Sites: Lake Burroughs (small but uncommonly deep), the Longhouse (a point of communal gathering)

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