Constance Blythe


Constance Blythe, Ambassador, Member of the Inner Circle

Constance Blythe was and is the youngest member of the Inner Circle. In her youth she was an astonishingly attractive woman of apparent contradictions: delicate but voluptious, professional but passionate, shrewd but charismatic. Constance’s unique beauty has not faded in age, but rather it has transformed. It remains difficult for men of any age to ignore her presence and the amount of marriage proposals she receives every year has never decreased in number.

Constance serves as King Roderick’s ambassador. She has been integral in establishing relationships with the elder races ( elves and dwarves) as well as laying the groundwork for the kingdom’s foreign policies. Constance is most famous for negotiating the reopening of The Gift, but she has had her hand in almost every matter of diplomacy since the kingdom’s founding.

There was a time when Constance’s presence within Endenmere equaled even Edward Courtland’s, but for the last ten years she has traveled the southern continent of Sorand without pause. Even her communications with the king’s seneschal, which at one time were nearly constant, have dwindled to less than two a year. Those messages that do reach Edward Courtland’s eyes remain private, and none but him and the king are privy to the matters mentioned within.

Constance Blythe

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