Edward Courtland


Edward Courtland, Seneschal, Member of the Inner Circle

Edward Courtland has served as King Roderick’s primary adviser and seneschal for more than fifty years. The man is probably ten years older than the king and the fact is clearly evident in his gaunt, withered appearance. Despite his age though, Edward remains a capable man of unparalleled wit and insight.

Edward is not and has never been the negotiator that his fellow Inner Circle member Constance Blythe is, nor does he command the power of the capable Kevon Linwood. Instead, the seneschal employs unparalleled powers of observation. Edward’s insights have saved the youthful human kingdom from peril more times than Linwood’s magic or Blythe’s dealings. It is true that Roderick trusts nobody more than Edward and for good reason. Edward is as selfless as they come. He is able to place the needs of the many over the desires of the few, a characteristic that allows him to make tough decisions without a second thought. For this reason alone, Edward has earned a reputation of callousness and frigidity.

Edward Courtland is by far the most noticeable man in Endenmere. Visitors to the palace see only Edward. Despite this, it is known that the seneschal speaks with his own voice, but his words are the king’s.

Edward Courtland

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