The fey are a lost offshoot of the Elves. Though the Fey strongly resembled their parent race in that they had pointed ears, delicate features, and thin frames, their reviled practice of sourcery changed their bodies in obvious ways – giving them paper-white skin, larger than usual eyes of unnatural colors and pale, almost colorless hair. The Fey appeared sickly when compared to their elvish brethren but they themselves celebrated these differences as traits reserved for honored royalty.

The fey were the first known practitioners of sourcery – a power derived from one’s emotions, thoughts and memories. Use of sourcery provided the fey with god-like powers but at the cost of the sourcerers’ identities and spirits. To counter-act the creation of “husks,” as these emotionless beings became known, the most famed fey of all, Lemenius El’soriin, developed a means by which the fey could fill the void created by sourcery. El’soriin reasoned that by consuming the magical and emotional essences of lesser races, the fey could retain their powers and their identities. Unfortunately for the fey, even the act of feeding had its price.

Prolonged use of sourcery made it increasingly difficult to fight off the husk state, requiring the fey to consume more and more of the lesser races reserved within their “pantries.” This need to feed became the fey’s sole focus leading to the collapse of all progress and governance. Fey society was weak, and the fey themselves became selfish and vicious carnivores. It was at this time that the elves returned from their forest hideaways from which they had fled the fey.

The elves spared no mercy and killed all the fey and husks they could find, taking advantage of the blissful vegetative state induced by the fey’s feeding processes. There are those amongst the elves that believe that some fey woke from their hedonistic ceremonies long enough to take note of the murder of their species and flee to the forgotten corners of the world. It is these fey that the elves guard against, for if they were to ever recover their focus and return to the world, the effects could be catastrophic.


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