Kevon Linwood


Kevon Linwood, Pinnacle, Member of the Inner Circle

Linwood is a vain man that communicates through sarcasm and an unparalleled superiority. As a member of the Inner Circle, Kevon is afforded freedoms that none other than his peers and the king enjoy. During the rebellion, it was widely known that Linwood was the most powerful wizard amongst the tribes. It was not impossible for the man to lay waste to swathes of orcs and goblins with but a subtle twitch of his fingers. For that reason, when the kingdom was established, Linwood was placed in charge of the education of human wizards by the king. Linwood founded the college of wizardry in Endenmere and has served as its headmaster for its entire existence.

Though Linwood has always been known as a recluse, in recent years he may as well be invisible or dead. Linwood’s most trusted faculty do not even know what has become of the man – reporting that a few years prior he entered his laboratory at the highest levels of the college and never exited. Since that time strange sounds emanate from the lab at all hours of the day and night. None dare disturb the headmaster, however, for fear that whatever may be producing the gruesome noises is contained only by the thick iron door to the chamber.

Kevon Linwood

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