Khaknaard and Durck

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“That’s Durck and Khaknaard! We agreed on alphabetical order!”

Durck and Khaknaard are a pair of roden merchants that operate out of the human city of North’s End. The two are quite eccentric and are somewhat of a novelty to the transient nobility from Endenmere.

Both of the roden appear to have taken an interest in the comings and goings of Ahzitima Zahtanni, and their efforts to hide their mannerisms have made them all but invisible to everybody except for Ahzitima’s roden companion, Yolo.

Khacknaard and Durck revealed themselves to be assassins and thieves, hunting Ahzitima and a rare jewel in her possession. The jewel is said to impart supernatural luck upon its owner, and also grants control of the Zahtanni clan to any roden able to maintain its control.

Khacknaard was killed in a skirmish with the heroes on the Lakerun River attempting to wrest control of the jewel from Ahzitima. Durck was captured and later released by the heroes into the wilds outside of Endenmere.

Khaknaard and Durck

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