North's End

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North’s End is the last real city before a large tract of rugged, frozen wilderness extending all the way to the Giants. The city itself is a reflection of its people, a once tribal society of humans, with practical architecture and a simple, direct layout. However, a number of nobles retain hunting estates in North’s End due to the abundance and variety of wild game. In the summer the city is alive with celebration and feasting in an effort to entertain its wealthy visitors.

North’s End’s main trade goods are tourism, lumber, fish and wild game. It’s quite common for the Lakerun River to be flooded with freshly hewn lumber on its way to Galfaland or Endenmere. Logging is a dangerous job, but the freezing, brutal and rapid waters of the Lakerun make it even more rigorous. North’s End’s imports tend to fluctuate largely due to how many and which noble families are visiting at the time, however, stone is a constant need.

North’s End is protected by a large city guard commanded by a monstrous human known as Biguhn. The guard is efficient but direct like almost everything else in North’s End. Like the Seven Lakes region, North’s End faces frequent raids by orcs and goblins ranging south from the Giants. All manner of wild and monstrous game animals lurk in the woods around North’s End though, making it the hunting retreat that it is.

Sites of Interest:

  • Hord Manoff’sHord Manoff maintains the human kingdom’s most northern and remote office for the Order Cerberus. The office, which is Hord’s home, is small, practical and rustic. Beds are available for visiting members of the Order, as are meals, drinks and tales of “the good ol’ days.” Hord himself is a human in his early 70’s and was one of (if not the) first of his race to join the Order. Members of the Order that operate in human lands are all familiar with Hord’s home, even if they’ve never been there themselves.
  • The Roden Embassy and Trade Emporium – Attracted to the wealth of the noble human residents of North’s End, the roden have set up a sizable embassy and bazaar within the city. In the spring and summer, the embassy crawls with roden traders that have made the long trek north from Sorand, eager to part the humans of their gold. In the fall and winter months however, the facility is minimally staffed. Even during the off-season the bazaar has a reputation for being well-stocked. Shoppers are usually able to find all manor of interesting goods from bizarre foods to fine gems.
  • Shrine of Olusha – North’s End houses one of the few permanent human shrines honoring Olusha, the White Maiden. Many of North’s End’s population comprises those too old, sick or tired for the rigors of life in crowded Endenmere. As such, these nobles search out the peace and relative solitude of the city’s serene surroundings in retirement. Many of those that end up elderly seek comfort at Olusha’s shrine, paying its caretaker, a priest by the name of Phender, for pardons and prayers before they pass. Phender claims to be in direct communication with the White Maiden, summoning her to his side…for the right price.
  • Circle Shores – The wealthiest and most prominent inhabitants of North’s End occupy a portion of the city known as Circle Shores. These important people’s homes tend to be quite large and rest upon the shores of a beautiful, albeit small, lake along North’s End’s northwestern border. It is known that at one time every member of the Inner Circle as well as King Roderick kept estates in Circle Shores. Now, only the families of Carl Teegun and Evelyn Rass retain their holdings there. The past several years have seen an unusual amount of turnover within Circle Shores, signaling a changing of the guard to many of the more ambitious residents of Endenmere.
  • The Shadow of Tythiel – This inn and tavern is owned and operated by an unusual elf named Beren Tur-anion. The Shadow (as it’s known locally) was named after a famous elven ballad, detailing the corruption of a once noble and kind elf by the name of Tythiel. In the work, Tythiel is driven to pursue powerful magics in an effort to return his dead mate to life. Tythiel becomes so obsessed that he eventually turns into a fey, losing his soul and any ambitions he once held dear in the process. Beren celebrates the tale, though most elves that visit North’s End find his tastes to be macabre, if not outright offensive.
  • Lakerun Logging Company – The Lakerun Logging Company has camps set up within the forests surrounding the city, though their biggest holdings lie some miles to the southwest of North’s End’s city center. The Company’s ventures are extraordinarily successful due to the presence of the Lakerun River’s swift currents. Deliveries of lumber to Galfaland and Endenmere are that much quicker for those loggers brave enough to traverse the treacherous waters and avoid river pirates.

North's End

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