The Church of the Creator

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The Church of the Creator has been, until recently, a very small organization – particularly in Norand. While most humans idolized their Pietists for harvests and holidays, few believed that the old god known as the Creator still (or ever) existed.

Several months ago, Callum Teegun was dispatched from the church’s largest holding in Endenmere to spread the word of the Creator and grow the church’s membership. Callum has been largely successful in those efforts, establishing a permanent shrine to the Creator in an ancient structure known as the Athenaeum.

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Within the Athenaeum, the Creator’s followers diligently copy the teachings of a long lost race known as the Chroniclers, whom speak of the Creator as a beneficent being that was actively involved in the world he brought into existence. Through demonstrations of the Creator’s divine power, Teegun has gathered followers in almost every village, town and city he’s visited.

The current membership of the church that resides within the Athenaeum totals:

The Church of the Creator

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