The Elven Lands

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The elven city of Asy’lem

The elves have a long history, being one of the first races brought into being by The Creator. The story of the Elven Lands is a tragic one, however, as the tale bears a terrible scar that has affected the races of Sorand and Norand both – the fey.

The elves only officially claim the woods of Asy’lem as their own, but it’s known across Sorand that they tend to oversee and protect most of the lands west of the Creator’s Grave mountain range. Elven settlements are few and far between, at least those that are known outside of elven society.

The Elven Lands as they exist now were established shortly after the fey were banished. Those fey settlements still standing after the bloody civil war were demolished. Even to non-elves these cities, towns, villages and manors held overtly negative connotations. The elves retired the fey capital and moved their race’s center of government to the city of Asy’lem, which happens to share its name with the predominant forest in the region. Those fey cities that remain upon the face of Sorand are ruined and shattered reminders of the elves’ despicable past. Almost all fey edifices are said to be haunted by the thousands of innocents that suffered at fey hands. The elves mark the ruins to warn travelers of their presence and it is rumored they employ hidden guardians to further dissuade would-be treasure hunters.

Elves rely upon a small council of their eldest members (called etharchs) to rule on all matters of governance. The elves’ immortality tends to make them ponderous and indecisive to the point where the council is charged with making quick and explicit judgements.

There are currently only three etharchs, though there is no explicit rules pertaining to how many may sit on the council. Etharchs are invited to join the council by the council’s current members, always because of their age, knowledge, wisdom and/or forethought. Only one of the etharchs can be named Potentate and it’s a position chosen by its etharch peers. An elven Potentate acts as a mediator, ambassador and diplomat to all foreign governments, but is also the only elf that can mobilize the race for war. The current Potentate is a male elf named Beren Inglorion.

Elves tend towards seclusion but have adopted a much more open attitude with the rest of the world after their experience with the fey. A tremendous guilt weighs heavy upon the elves’ shoulders and they’ve made great efforts to repair the damage their cousins wrought.

The Elven Lands

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