The Fey Guard

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The Fey Guard was established by the elves shortly after the ruination of the fey. The organization of the Guard has changed little since those days, and its purpose remains largely unchanged – to see that the fey remain in exile, that those sites of fey malfeasance aren’t exploited, and that those that practice sourcery don’t fall prey to the corruption inherent in its vile power.

The Fey Guard is a closely guarded secret amongst the elves and to speak about it to non-elves is a terrible crime. The world believes the fey to be entirely extinct but the elves know better – some of the fey escaped. Even a small number of fey could wreak havoc upon the world. The centuries it has taken the elves to repair the damage to both their reputation and to their race is insurmountable and to do so again would be perilous.

The Fey Guard represent themselves with a symbol of a shield set with a red eye – promoting protection and vigilance.

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Magus of the Fey Guard

The Fey Guard

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