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Wizardry is the practiced and learned skill of utilizing the magical energies of the world. Where sourcery taps into one’s own spiritual reserves, wizardry bends the laws of nature to the will of the wielder.

Wizards are first taught to identify the magical energy emanated by all things, then much later in their studies, how to manipulate those energies to produce desired effects. Powerful wizards exert an influence unique to their art upon the world around them, described by their peers as “pulling at the fabric of reality much like gravity pulls at a falling stone.”

Almost anybody can learn to be a wizard if they demonstrate the appropriate amount of patience, intelligence and will to do so. In human society wizardry is taught to students from around the Kingdom at the College of Wizardry in Endenmere. The price for admission into the College is steep, thus most of the College’s students hail from affluent noble or merchant families. Non-human races can be admitted into the College according to the letter of the law, but this has never happened since the College’s founding. The elves are known to have their own schools devoted to wizardry, while the dwarves care little for the magical arts. Dwarven wizards are rare and it is assumed that either they’re self-taught, or that they travel to the Elven nation for instruction. The roden and orcs have never produced a wizard that humanity is aware of. Both races seem to prefer the practice of sourcery or god-given powers.


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