The Nightmare Before the Dream

Asking After Inquisitors

"Shh! I'm hunting Inquisitors!"

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“You weren’t able to nail Courtland down. He was always a slippery devil! I remember this one instance…oh bother! There I go again! Sorry.

Courtland got away and you were left wondering about your course of action. It’s then that you decided to take the fight to him. Courtland had a nasty habit of using the secretive Inquisition as a means to root out information and traitors. The lot of you thought it might prove useful to remove that resource. How would Courtland react if you were to demonstrate that you had a great deal of power and influence yourselves in Endenmere? Would the collapse of the Inquisition draw him out?

You were aiming to find out…"


  • The group invaded the secret holding of the Inquisitors in Endenmere
  • The facility was entrapped, but the heroes managed to uncover at least one significant treasure – a book that revealed truths to its reader
  • When the group entered the chambers of the High Lord Inquisitor, a simple question asked of the book triggered a transformation in the roden known as Yolo Swaggins
  • With the transformation completed, Yoloswaggins – an adult black dragon, stood before the heroes with menace in his jet black eyes
  • A prolonged battle with the dragon ensued and Yoloswaggins was forced to retreat by burrowing through the layers of rock surrounding the underground fortress with sprays of hissing acid
  • The heroes then retreated themselves, but not before Ryn searched the High Lord Inquisitor’s chambers

Fame Rewards (Adventure 18):



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