The Nightmare Before the Dream

The Root Cellar.

 photo Root_Cellar_zpsb7ef4afe.jpg

“Grailoc’s and Anbrung’s support proved valuable to you then, as well as in the future. Though, at the time, I remember the lot of you not seeing it that way at all. I suppose it was a tad ominous when a Sureflight popped your cage, handed you a pair of bundled blankets and lead you deeper into the roots of the tree instead of up and out into the light. Even I questioned Grailoc’s logic then. The Root Cellar was hardly a place for friends. I suppose he had little choice though.”

A male Sureflight arrived sometime after midnight. The man was dressed like all your other guards, wearing heavier armor than he seemed comfortable in and sporting a pair of shortswords at his hip. Every now and then the man would touch a spot over his shoulder, looking for a bow that wasn’t there. “Quiet,” the man said as he opened your cage. “Move quickly and follow without question.” His voice was as soft and nearly as silent as a breath of wind. In his hands the Sureflight held two large bound bundles of worn wool.

Minutes passed and instead of heading up towards the dungeon’s entrance, you moved down further into the bowels of the tree-fortress. The temperature cooled even as the carved doors of the cells became few and far between. After some time you found yourselves standing before a door made of impossibly thick wood. No handle existed upon the door, and no hinges were apparent.

“You will cross the threshold of this door and enter the Root Cellar. Once you’re in, there is no coming back.” The Sureflight handed you the pair of heavy bundles, “Within is everything Commander Grailoc could spare.”

The man then turned to the door, placing both his hands on the wood before whispering an unintelligible phrase. Before your eyes the wood warped and twisted, and then, there was no door at all. Beyond the portal was a shadowy landing illuminated only by a smattering of phosphorescent lichen. Stairs carved from the earth itself lead downward. Once all of you crossed onto the landing, the wood of the door regrew behind you, locking you in the Root Cellar.

“The challenges you faced within the Root Cellar were not the worst you were to see. A cold swim, a hungry darkmantle – or three, and a few elementals would seem to be child’s play in no time. Your friends from the Order were there to greet you as you emerged from the hole though, and with a strange note. It seemed as if Master Anbrung thought there was somewhere nearby that may interest you. It turns out, he was right. Your discovery in that glade was both terrible and fortuitous, but I am getting ahead of myself.”


  • Commander Grailoc of the Sure Flights freed the party into a dungeon beneath Icen Watch known as the Root Cellar
  • The party was assaulted by a group of creatures that attacked from the ceiling
  • The group was forced to cross a room full of corrosive slime followed by the chilling waters of an underground lake
  • An ancient druidic circle summoned elementals to dissuade thieves, though the party claimed a pair of archaic, magical weapons
  • The party encountered a group of pale humanoids worshiping near formless statues but passed by them without incident
  • Amok & Molly, members of the Order Cerberus waited for the party on the otherside of the Root Cellar with a map and brief note from Master Anbrung



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