Faithful humans tend to worship The Creator above all others. The Creator’s church is small, however. The religion is centered within Endenmere but has few followers in the distant cities of the Kingdom.

Most humans have a negative feeling toward religion, trusting that they’re the masters of their own destinies. That being said, when humans turn to the divine for help or inspiration, they’re often speaking the names of the heroes and legends from their past. These saints, or Pietists as they’re now known, represent many aspects of life – from battle, to agriculture, and even emotions such as love and rage.

The Pietists don’t have temples dedicated to their worship, however each has a variety of symbols and charms that their faithful carry or own. Small shrines to one Pietist or another are erected in times of need or celebration, giving the faithful a place to congregate.

Human Clerics can choose to worship The Creator (see entry for Alignment and Domains) or channel their faith through a Pietist. A list with associated images and brief descriptions of the most common Pietists follows below:

Aldrich, The Liberator

Aldrich was a man that fought against the shackles of slavery long before King Roderick. He lead a brief but brutal rebellion composed of the nomadic northern tribes. It is said that when Aldrich was slain, a fire of pure white light consumed his body before it could be desecrated by his orcish killers.
Alignment: LG
Domains: Glory, Good, Liberation, Protection, War

 photo Pietist_Aldrich_zpsd0222f9a.jpg

Biela, The Midwife

The legend of Biela is one of humanity’s oldest tales. Most believe it was Biela that first discovered the means of reducing the injuries to both mothers and babies during the process of childbirth. Biela took great risk to travel amongst the tribes, educating others in sterile processes, human anatomy and healing techniques. Biela was slain by a pack of gnolls. According to the tale, when the gnolls consumed Biela’s remains they gained an unparalleled understanding of life and became Biela’s first followers.
Alignment: NG
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Travel

 photo Pietist_Biela_zpse0e8f387.jpg

Hassen, The Unbridled

Biela’s legend is intertwined with her husband Hassen’s. Hassen was a man of great wisdom and understanding while also being a peerless warrior. His love for his wife was unmatched. When Biela traveled it was Hassen who saw to her safety. Thus, when the gnolls murdered Biela, Hassen was filled with unbridled guilt and rage. Hassen murdered Biela’s attackers (despite their new-found understanding of life and faith in Biela’s mission), her attacker’s kin and a slew of gnoll tribes before finally being defeated by a pack numbering in the hundreds.
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War

 photo Pietist_Hassen_zpsf2b1547e.jpg

Lyrii, The Leaf

Legends as old as humanity itself speak of a woman capable of communing with animals and plants. This woman, known as Lyrii or “the Leaf” was feared as often as she was revered. Many ancient humans believed her to be a witch, possessed by madness and an undying love for the natural world. To this day, Lyrii is known to be fickle and prayers to her are made in respectful tones.
Alignment: N
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Water, Weather

 photo Pietist_Lyrii_zps3d3bbbaa.jpg

Olusha, The White Maiden

Olusha, like Lyrii, is a legend as old as human life. A fair maiden of pale white skin and empty black eyes, she is the face of death. Olusha is said to appear to every man, woman and child at the moment of their deaths to judge their lives’ achievements and failures. According to the tales, no human can escape Olusha’s gaze, for it’s in her eyes that a person’s life is reflected upon them.
Alignment: LN
Domains: Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Law, Repose

 photo Pietist_Olusha_zps34630e5d.jpg

Sylas, The Mad

Sylas is a relatively recent addition to the Pietists due to a traditional aversion to sharing his tale. During Aldrich’s rebellion, Sylas acted as a spy and scout. He was prideful and arrogant, however, and ended up captured by goblins. The goblins tortured Sylas for weeks on end, breaking both his body and mind. Through some miracle of determination, Sylas managed to escape the goblins’ clutches. He returned to Aldrich as a raving lunatic, angry that he was abandoned and swearing revenge on all of humanity. Sylas gave away Aldrich’s position to the orcs, leading to an ambush that claimed the hero’s life. Once the deed was done, however, the orcs turned upon Sylas, murdering him where he stood. Where Aldrich’s body burned white hot, it is said that Sylas’s dissolved into shadow.
Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Evil, Madness, Trickery

 photo Pietist_Sylas_zps491a799f.jpg

Tzol, The Enlightened

Tzol was purportedly the first human magic user to demonstrate control and understanding over the powers he had. Tzol was an educator, sharing his knowledge with those few who would take the time to listen. Unfortunately, primitive human society feared the magic Tzol wielded and turned him over to the fey, where he met his demise.
Alignment: N
Domains: Charm, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Rune

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