Garon June

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Garon June (or June Bug as his friends jokingly referred to him) was Roderick’s most trusted scout and a member of the Inner Circle. After the rebellion ended, June found that the need for his services had greatly diminished. Roderick offered June a place of command in the King’s Military but June agreed that the position would be better held by their far more capable friend, Lence Strews.

June accompanied many expeditions into the wilds, acting as a guide and protector to settlers looking to establish colonies in the harsh lands surrounding the human holdings. Eventually, June himself retired to Icen Watch where he earned a position of import with the Sureflights. Even then, June would make frequent trips back to Endenmere while accompanying trade caravans, but eventually these trips too ceased.

It is said that June and Gantry had a tremendous falling out and that June cursed his responsibilities as a member of the Inner Circle. June hasn’t been seen for years, not even in Icen Watch, and was declared deceased by the King’s sensechal.

An adventuring party operating out of the village of Burroughs discovered June’s body in a cave north of town. Along with several remarkable and disturbing creatures, the party recovered June’s skull, badge of Inner Circle membership, arms and armor.

Garon June

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