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Gnolls roam the lands between Icen Watch and The Gift, vying for resources with the Plains Tribes. The hyena-like creatures are intelligent in the same way as wolves or the big cats of Sorand with the distinctions that they use a primitive language to communicate and are able to use (but not make) tools and weapons scavenged from their enemies.

Groups of gnolls are known as packs and are usually lead by a matriarch. The matriarch has her favored mates which act as her lieutenants, enforcing her rule and making sure she always feeds first. Though gnolls can hunt their own prey they always prefer to steal or scavenge the leftovers of others. Packs of gnolls lay claim to large swaths of territory and will always attempt to defend what they consider theirs. That being said, the race is a cowardly lot. If things aren’t going the pack’s way, the matriarch will bark out a quick retreat. Gnolls have been known to track and pester their prey for weeks until such a time exists where that prey is weakened or too tired to offer a proper defense.

The plains tribes humans kill gnolls on sight, for there is no bartering with the savage beasts. Those who have tried in the past always find themselves the gnolls’ next meal.


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