Inner Circle


The badge of the Inner Circle

When Roderick Gantry began his crusade to unify the human settlements, he formed a group of his most trusted friends to serve as lieutenants and advisers. Over time, this group became known as the Inner Circle.

The members of the Inner Circle were and have been instrumental in securing, establishing and maintaining the kingdom of man. Through their martial or magical skills, gift with words or ability to offer unparalleled insight into matters, each one of the Circle has contributed much to the furthering of humanity’s causes.

It is known that early in Roderick’s crusade, the members of the Inner Circle swore life commitments to their would-be-king. Of the eight founding members of the Circle, only three remain alive today, Constance Blythe, Kevon Linwood and Edward Courtland. All surviving members are old men or women. Indeed, Edward Courtland is older than the king by ten years. Despite this fact, they continue to serve Roderick and his realm with unquestionable loyalty.

All members of the Inner Circle bear a badge of office. The symbol upon the badge is known throughout the human kingdom, and more than not within the lands of the dwarves and elves would know it on sight. It is said amongst the commoners that the badges are made from the steel bones of dragons and that locked within them is great and terrible power. It is against the King’s law to forge the symbol of the Inner Circle unless specifically asked by one of its members or the King himself.

The members of the Inner Circle (alive or dead) are listed below:

Edward Courtland
Kevon Linwood
Constance Blythe
Garon June (deceased)
Bull Marmy (deceased)
Evelyn Rass (deceased)
Carl Teegun (deceased)
Lence Strews (deceased)

Inner Circle

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