Order Cerberus


The Order Cerberus is an ancient organization established by the very first elven Potentate and dwarven Thane. It’s said that its original purpose was to act as an independent military to guard against the threats of the natural world – particularly dragons – though this reason is considered largely legend or metaphor in the modern world. Most historians and scholars believe the Order’s true intention was to free the elder races from trivial matters of defense. It is well known that both the dwarves and the elves are prone to long periods of distraction. Thus, it’s thought the Order was built to relieve them of mundane martial matters in favor of more eminent pursuits.

Whatever the reason for its founding, the Order Cerberus continues to this day. Every known kingdom, nation or state is expected to contribute men and women to the Order. In return, each of the realms is offered the services of the Order without exception.

Members of the Order Cerberus serve as guides, guards, investigators, and mediators. In rare instances, large numbers of the Order are requested to deal with particularly dangerous species of monsters, but for the most part the Order’s members are dispatched in small, independent groups of field operatives. Each team (“head” as they’re known) is assigned a leader that directs its travels and operations. The Order’s members rarely return to their homes, their lives are dedicated solely to the organization. It’s extremely rare, but not prohibited, for the members to have families.

Only three kingdoms currently provide the Order with members, that of the elves, dwarves and recently, the humans. Surviving orcish members from the fallen kingdom of Blackreign do exist, though they’re exceptionally uncommon. The Order’s numbers are small, but purposefully so. At its inception, it was decided that the Order should never have enough members to wage a standing war. Thus, heads are spread thin between the two continents.

Order Cerberus

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