Plains Tribes


History, Society & Relations:

Not all humans bent their knees to Roderick’s cause, some because they feared violence and bloodshed, others because they preferred their nomadic traditions over Roderick’s dream of civilized society. Regardless of their motivations, those humans that didn’t join the war against the orcs settled in the expansive steppes of eastern Norand.

The plains tribes keep to themselves, with little contact with even their human brethren of the kingdom. Most of what is known of the tribes is drawn up from the memories of a much “simpler” life in the wilderness. Humans of the kingdom assume that the tribes maintain a nomadic lifestyle, following the herds of deer that range across their part of the continent. The plains tribes people are known to be expert horsemen and practice a unique style of mounted archery that has been lost to all but the Sureflights from Icen Watch.


Human Klallam Tribeswoman

Occasionally though, a tribeswoman or tribesman will show up in Endenmere, selling their skills as hunters, trackers, and wilderness guides. These “barbarians” as they’re called in the great city, never divulge the reasons behind their presence but it is believed that they could be curious wanderers, or worse, exiled criminals.

The plains tribes mark their meeting places with an elaborate, swooping design, the meaning of which is a mystery to all but the tribes themselves. Some of the older elves that have born witness to this mark often nod knowingly to themselves, never uttering a word about it though.

What is known about tribal leadership is that there are at least four major tribes that exert influence on the humans between Icen Watch and the western shores of the Bay of Stones. Evidence of countless smaller tribes exists, however they seem to rise and fall as quickly as the seasons. The four major tribes that have been identified are the Caddo (or the “True Chiefs”), the Klallam (“Strong People”), the Wahpekute (“Shooters Amongst the Leaves”), and the Siksika (“Black Feet”). Though the actions of the four major tribes appear to be fairly neutral towards the Kingdom, rumors persist of open aggression on the smaller settlements to the east of plains tribes’ holdings – particularly those that border claimed Black Feet territories in the north.

One of the few things all of the tribes have in common is their hatred of orcs and goblins. Many of the tribes people’s stories detail the harsh times of human enslavement at the two races’ hands, giving the nomadic human youth plenty of reasons to loath them. Orcs and goblins are killed on sight and without mercy.

Game Statistics:

  • Ability Modifiers: +2 to any one ability score
  • Size: Medium
  • Special Rules:
    Normal Speed: Base speed of 30 feet
    Bonus Feat: Select one extra feat at first level
    Skilled: Gain an additional skill rank at first level and one extra rank whenever they gain a level
    Differing Beliefs: Plains Tribes humans cannot take the Cleric or Wizard classes. Plains Tribes humans gain Barbarian and Druid as favored classes and gain +1 HP or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in one of those classes.
    Languages: Begin speaking Plains Common, high intelligence allows plains tribes humans to choose to speak any language they want with the exception of secret languages

Plains Tribes

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