The Dwarven Range

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The dwarven hold of Baleft

The dwarves inhabit the most choice tunnels of the Creator’s Grave mountain range, pulling vast amounts of ore, gems and other precious metals from the stone. Being that the roden also call the range home, the dwarves have found themselves at continuous odds with the rat-like species. As such, the dwarves maintain a large and skilled military.

Foremost of the dwarven military branches are the famed tunnel scouts. Dwarven tunnel scouts have many duties, the most important being the discovery of substantial loads of metals or gems. These scouts often find themselves in precarious situations, frequently fighting the roden or subterranean horrors to claim their prizes.

Dwarven cities are known as “holds.” There are few holds in the Creator’s Grave range, but those that do exist are absolutely enormous. The dwarves believe in flaunting individual wealth and their societal ranking depends upon what they can or have produced, earned or claimed. Thus, dwarven holds are obscenely ostentatious in the eyes of elven or human visitors. Dwarven holds are typically two to three times the necessary size based upon their population. Indeed, a dwarven family of four may occupy two to three thousand square feet on average. If they lived in anything less they would run the risk of being considered simple or worse, poor.

The Dwarven Range is lead by a king (known as a thane to the dwarves), Habur Druin. Druin is obligated to keep his kin organized, well-defended and wealthy – a difficult task considering the dwarves’ almost insurmountable greed. Thane Druin leads from Hold Baleft, a massive complex of expertly carved halls rife with ornate details. Baleft is the very epitome of wealth and opulence. Those dwarves that call Baleft home are the richest of their race.

Thane Druin is supported by the leading member of each of the many guilds (called “distinguished”) and the high curates (priests) of the Three.

The Dwarven Range

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